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City Plans New Music Megafest


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They don't call us Music City for nothin'

It appears the River Stages or whatever it was called is gone. This one sounds much, much better, especially with the timing following the CMA MusicFest.

Memphis in May is a huge and wildly successful monthlong event. With one in Nashville the following month, it seems Tennessee will have quite a few new tourist dollars to spread around.

I like this. It's early in the planning stages, but I hope they pull it off. An off-shoot effect is further exposure of people to our changing downtown. Many people have no idea what's going on down there and will be ultimately surprised by all the changes over the next few years. "Hey, I could live down here" might become a common phrase.

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This is so smart--it seems so simple and common sensical--but its genius. This thing will(could) be like CMA + River Stages+ another huge festival (say Summer Lights) all wrapped up together in one huge event that truly represents Nashville as Music City. Nashville has a real oportunity here to create something amazing and absolutely huge.

Also, this thing will be taking off around 08, the perfect time to get the new Sounds stadium some of those much publicized "city dates," we heard so much about from the city council.

Tennessee in the summer could be just one long party here before too long. Maybe Jackson should get something together for a few days late in May/early in June. Then Chattanooga can do their thing (is it called RiverBend?) in July and Knoxville can take over in August. People can start the summer in Memphis and go across the entire state just partying it up and enjoying our great cities and the rural beauty in between them. By the time they get to Knoxville it will be fall and time to kick off the football season.

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I have to agree as well. This is a great idea. Maybe it can last until early June, and then the party can just head south to Chattanooga for their huge week long Riverbend festival. Add to that, Bonaroo which takes place at about the same time, and you would have more than a month of awesome music spread all over Tennessee for the masses to enjoy.

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