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Another condo tower slated for New Orleans


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Well, this is a new one. This, coupled with Vantage Tower and the possible conversion of Dominion Tower confirms the condo boom in New Orleans. I would think that Trump should fast-track his 70 floor condo project... otherwise, his market share may dwindle. Delaying the project now seems to have been a mistake, and others are jumping in. I wonder what he's thinking.

Here's the link...

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As far as SKYLINES go, I think New Orleans ranks-up there in a 4th place tie in the South with Charlotte. 5th if you include Dallas as a southern city?

I agree, I think New Orleans, Charlotte, and Nashville are all close to each other for that #5 spot.(I normally include Dallas as a Southern city) Though I think New Orleans has the best density of the three. I really can't wait to see what the New Orleans skyline looks like five or ten years from now. :D

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