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Name That Jersey Place!


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I thought this could be a fun game. I have a backlog of photos from all over the state, many of which show interesting/random scenes. I'll post one per week (don't want to over saturate or run out of pics too soon!). I'll give clues if necessary. If this thread catches on and becomes very active, we can all post more.

Those of you familiar enough with NJ and think you have the answer, shout it! Others, have fun guessing!

In most of these it will not be enough to say the city/town. Please be as specific as possible.

Good luck!

We'll start off with an easy one.

1 point for city, 3 points for neighborhood, 5 points for street(s). +3 bonus for name of the structure


Oh, and BTW, NO CHEATING! We're going by the honor system. Give it a legitimate shot! ;)

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I believe that's the Katin or Katyn (spelling?) monument in Exchange Place.

Congratulations, flotown! You win the B.F.T! trophy.gif

The Katyn Forest Memorial at Exchange Place (Montgomery Street) in Jersey City is the correct answer.

Current Standings

1. 6 pts, flotown

2. 1 pt, Jerseyman4

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