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Riverfront Apartment to Condo conversion sales going great


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Again an article in the Tennessean today about the sales of the riverfront apartment to condos. What is surprising about these is the price. Between 110 and 160 thousand. Very affordable for sure.


That price doesn't surprise me, I say they're still overpriced. I used to live there when they were apartments - and let me tell you - it's fine for a bachelor pad but horrible as a long-term residence. You get way more industrial noise on that side of town: The trains on the south and west, barges on the river, concrete plant and jefferson street bridge on the north. Plus, the frequent stench of the nashville sewage treatment plant, the proliferation of "wildlife" due to proximity to the river (and by wildlife, i mean insects), and I really do believe that those structures were not well protected from the moisture and termites right there on the riverbank. You really must understand this: The banks of the cumberland river are not fit for wood-framed structures. Those apartments/condos should have been built with steel framing and extensive use of concrete and bricks, not wood framing. Of course, the location is great, but the quality of life is just not there. Still, it's better than buying a condo way out in the 'burbs, I guess....

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That's true about the river. By the end of the year, all of that will be over and the Cumberland will run clean. I don't know the details but this in itself is a huge deal and one the community should be very proud of.

Purcell talked about it in his Housing Summit speech. It wasn't something I was really looking to hear, but was sure glad I did.

The river is such a valuable resource for the city. It's about time it's getting the respect it deserves.

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