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Beaumont Mill Village


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The Beaumont Mill Village is one of Spartanburg's many old textile communities. The village itself is completely within the city limits, and I think it has the potential to be a great neighborhood again. It has become rundown, and the main problem is its infrastructure (sewers). I think its separation from the Southside and the Howard St/Una area give it an advantago over the other rundown neighborhoods. Also, its connections to the rest of the city are excellent.

Something needs to be done, because these mill villages are slowly being torn apart (especially the mills). Beaumont is forutunate to have the main building of its mill in tact and in use once again, and its in the City, so it potentially has a better chance to be revitalized due to the city's better ability to control what happens there (as opposed to mill villages in the County).

I think if the city could find a way to reinvest in this neighborhood's infrastructure and perhaps use a TIF district, this area could be teh next Converse Heights.

Beaumont at crossroads

City unsure where to find money for Beaumont sewer work

Here is a map: MAP

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I wish they would take the same approach with Beaumont as they did with Hampton Heights. The preservation trust has become involved with encouraging and assisting with renovations etc... I would like to see that whole area renamed as Beaumont Village and turned into an area with nice sidewalks, signage, playground etc... It is something that the residents would have to help with, because the city can't go it alone.

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I completely agree, but like the article said, they have to have functional infrastructure for that to happen. I wouldn't mind being a pioneer there, but I don't want my toilet backing up all the time :)

I think that the City will have to be a leader here. Surely they can come up with an innovative funding source. Maybe a grant or something?

All I know for sure is that this historic neighborhood shouldn't be left alone.

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