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Mexico City pollution


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The reason that Mexicans pollute Mexico

City is that the Mexico Government

doesn't care.

Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and

Land Pollution can be a disaster to


They'll die quickly.

So if your living in Mexico City,

get out of Mexico City.

And that makes Mexico City

the most polluted city in the world.

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I guess u need to read more about that topic, last year Mexico City was declared one of the biggest cities of the world with the less air pollution problem, according to Mario Molina, who won the Chemical Nobel Prize for its researches on the ozone holes.

Since 1990 gasolines in MC are lead free, every car in the city must be kept at home for one day a week, and electric public trasportation are now massive.

This is a Mexico City picture in the 80's:


and this is in the year 2005




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