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Since it unbelieveably took me almost an hour to find this on Google and Vivisimo thought I would save it forever here.

The updated NFL all-time greatest coaches ranks as of 2/6/2006:

347-Don Shula (Colts, Dolphins) OHIO

324-George Halas (Bears) ILLINOIS

270-Tom Landry (Cowboys) TEXAS

229-Curly Lambeau (Packers, Cardinals, Redskins) WISCONSIN

222-Paul Brown (Browns, Bengals) OHIO

209-Chuck Noll (Steelers) OHIO

201-Dan Reeves (Broncos, Giants, Falcons) GEORGIA

193-Chuck Knox (Rams, Bills, Seahawks) PENNSYLVANIA

191-Marty Schottenheimer (Browns, Chiefs, Redskins, Chargers) PENNSYLVANIA

174-Bill Parcells (Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys) NEW JERSEY

168-Bud Grant (Vikings) WISCONSIN

157-Joe Gibbs (Redskins) NORTH CAROLINA

154-Marv Levy (Chiefs, Bills) ILLINOIS

153-Bill Cowher (Steelers) PENNSYLVANIA

153-Steve Owen (Giants) OKLAHOMA

149-Mike Holmgren (Packers, Seahawks) CALIFORNIA

136-Hank Stram (Chiefs, Saints) ILLINOIS

134-Weeb Ewbank (Colts, Jets) INDIANA

130-Mike Shanahan (Raiders, Broncos)

127-Mike Ditka (Bears, Saints) PENNSYLVANIA

126-Dick Vermeil (Eagles, Rams, Chiefs)

125-Jim Mora (Saints, Colts) CALIFORNIA

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I still find it funny that the most recent coach of the Falcons (aside from Mora, Jr.), Dan Reeves, is up there. That said, he did more of his winning elsewhere.

I still think Halas is the best of all for professional coaches, though. (though that would change if Knute Rockne coached professional football instead of Notre Dame)

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