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The intersection at john b. white sr. blvd. and blackstock rd. has...


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Yeah, it used to be at Ezell and Blackstock, but this new intersection at Reidville/John White Blvd definately wins it now. I wonder if it will improve after they do the final surfacing of that road. I generally avoid that side of town if I can help it.

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yeah... but i have a suggestion on the lights situation, not really that particular light... at night you can sit through stoplights forever with no one around. the solution they had in germany (gotta love that german efficiency ;) is after 10pm in most areas, the lights would just flash. one way would flash red, the other would flash yellow. this way people could go through the light if no one was there. Also, that red light situation they made in morgan square SUCKS and is pointless

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whoever is in charge of traffic lights for City of Spartanburg needs to go back to school or something..

I once sat at that light coming down Blackstock back toward Westgate for 18 min. I have since avoided that direction.. now I have noticed major intersection blockage due to cars getting in the left turn lane going toward Westgate and piling up beyond the I-26 off ramp.. it's a big screwed up mess and I don't think all the money that have spent reworking that bridge will make much difference.

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Sorry to dredge up another old thread. This topic appears to be the most relevant to my question.

What's the status of the traffic light management system implemented in the city several years ago in the city? Is it still true that the city's traffic engineer position is still unfilled? If so, who is managing this system?

I still get very frustrated with the lack of signal synchronizationl, especially along E. Main around Hillcrest, where I drive several times daily. Several of the lights don't seem to be installed or programmed correctly. The light at E. Main @ Chick-Fiil-A turns when no cross traffic is waiting, and has for years. I think the cycle lasts too long also. The light at E. Main @ Home Depot turns as soon as anyone pulls up to turn right out of Home Depot. And there are plenty of other examples.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the traffic light system or any experience with the city responding to complaints about lights not working properly?

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The City does not have a traffic engineer on staff (and hasn't since 2006).

Generally - the city is fairly good at responding to complaints. Would be nice if they were more proactive - but overall, they do fairly well at being reactive and listening to citizen input about specific problems.

I'd suggest contacting the city public works director: http://www.cityofspartanburg.org/City_Gove...ublic_Works.htm

(which oversees the traffic engineering division).

And as Spartan suggested - it always helps to be polite and recognize that they recieve complaints for everything under the sun on a daily basis....

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