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New Main Library photos


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Thanks for sharing these pics! I won't be able to check out the library until I visit my family for Christmas, so I'm hunting down pics! The courtyard sure offers an interesting view, even though Monroe Street is nothing but parking garages...

The good thing is the courtyard is on a level nearly equal to the height of the garages, so you get a clear view of the Southbank, 11 East, Carling, BOA, etc.

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Not to bring back an old/dead topic, but I finally made my pilgrimage to the new library! It's so amazing! It appears that there's still some unfished bits here and there; I've seen some construction crews working on little things. There's some exterior panels missing from the courtyard doors.

The Grand Reading Room is spectacular, however: I'm sitting at a computer with my back facing the southern windows, and the glare is horrible. With the way the computer stations are set up, you can't pick your computer, the system does it for you, so I'm stuck here in the sunlight...

I can't wait for the cafe to open, and by the looks of it, it'll be April before it's finished....lol

I hope all you Jax people have had a chance to check out this amazing building! It surpassed my expectations!

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