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Union City, Tennessee - Odds and Ends

Rural King

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The final part of the tour will go through through some a old commerical/warehouse area of downtown, back downtown, and out to some sites of interest on Reelfoot Avenue/TN22/US51 (the modern main commerical drive).

Old warehouse and commercial extension of downtown : Several pics.





Looking south down 1st from the end of the commercial district.



Looking northeast towards the older industrial parks and the granaries.


Old Capital Theatre

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Awesome structure my friend.

Thanks for the 3-part tour RK. I remember working in radio in Hardin, KY and mentioning the folks in Union City a bunch on the radio. The station I worked at had a translator in Union City that it re-broadcast off of.

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Nice again.

That theater is great-looking.

Yep, I remember Reelfoot bologna, etc., you name it. Also, a big brand in Memphis was King Cotton hot dogs. Don't know if they're still around.

You know, I think I might post some downtown pics of the towns around me--Southern Minnesota and North Iowa. Now, this might sound like an inappropriate forum for that, but it would be interesting for the sake of comparison to small towns in West Tennessee. I was thinking of Austin MN and Mason City IA. Whaddya think, RK, since you're a mod?

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^ Sleepy as long as you can work in the Tennessee angle its fine with me. :D There needs to be some substantial comparison though, which should not pose a problem. If you need some pics just look some of mine up, or ask me if I have any you might need since I have quite a few that have yet to be seen on UP.

King Cotton brand meats are still around. They make a good baking hams and bacon IMO.

Thanks everybody for the positive reponses!

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