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future of housing market


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I'm considering buying a condo in ybor. but I was curious if i would be better off waiting a couple of years to buy because the market is so high now,especially condo prices. would it beneficial to buy a condo in ybor now at a low interest rate or buy in a couple of years when the market will be really slow and prices may fall but mort rates will be higher? also, do you think a condo/townhome in the ybor area is a good investment?

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I wouldnt count on the market falling that quick id say the market wont change for atleast five years with the way its going not to mention at the rate ybor is improving the prices wont go down that much. A townhome is a better investment than a condo im my opinion cause its just like a house but another one connected not to mention the skyrocketing prices of townhomes around the bay area.

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