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Alden Park and Germantown


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When I lived in Philadelphia, I lived at Alden Park in Germantown. It was a magnificent collection of buildings in a manicured park. The only problem was the area surrounding it. Germantown was obviously once a lovely place, but has plummeted into a wasteland of chicken shacks and check cashing places on once proud Germantown Avenue. It depressed me to walk out of the gates of my gated complex. Has there been any improvement? I have hear that the current administration simply wants to bulldoze these neighborhoods. This is not the answer. What, if anything, is happening to restore Germantown and other once proud neighborhoods to their rightful respectability?

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It seems to me that the success of Center City will only spill over to the surrounding areas, mostly because a lot of people are bing priced out of CC.

Ive looked at several of your posts and I like the fact that you seem to be really positive about the city of Philadelphia Urbani. Its not something thats done often.

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Tho Philly is not necessarily a Rust Belt City, Pennsylvania is definately a Rust Belt State. The state's economy has been severely defined by the fall of american manufacturing for decades now. I can finally see that, not only Philly and Pittsburgh, but most of the smaller cities across the state are making major come backs. I see this as just a beginning and the next 20 years will show the staying power and the beauty of our state. It is the bad reputation that is now being converted and people will rediscover what we all already know.

Pa has been handicapped for decades and is finally healing now we can get back into the game.


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