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Artificial Reef Project


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They got the money. They can do it.

You might want to check out, http://loresofdubai.blogspot.com/2005/11/h...fect-dubai.html

I was wondering if anyone would actually be intrested in reading an actively maintained blog on Dubai from the perspective of someone who lives there.

I would definately!!!

I was actually getting ready to make a Dubai Projects Topic.

I have family in Doha, Qatar. Where are you from?

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More updates on the Articial Reef Project.

The reef will be called Narrow-Neck, will be 200 metres long. The location is approximately 400 metres off the coast - between Umm Suqeim and Burj Al Arab.

The construction is expected to cost ($2.5 million) and will start in January which should be completed in nine months.

Also, the reef is suppose to protect the exisitng Dubai Shoreline, along with providing a marine Habitat, as well as a mecca for surfing in the Gulf.

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UK for its parties and the night life and for everything else I would rather be back in Dubai :D

Why are you in the US when your family is back in Doha ? You work out there or study ?

I work for Wal-Mart at the Headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. My parents moved to the US back in early 80's to Atlanta, Georgia. Then, they moved to Bentonville where my parents went to work for Walmart. I have never lived in Qatar, but I do have plenty of family there and I am 100% Qatarian. So my parents live seperately in the US from me, so it's really just the three of us from my whole family that don't live in Qatar.

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