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New Symphony Hall web site


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There is a great link through the City Paper to the Symphony web site. There is also a great slide show for all to see showing renderings, seating charts and construction status. This is going to be an amazing building and we are so fortunate to have this in Nashville.


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All I can say, is that Lord willing, I am SOOOO going to be at the Pops Concert with Amy Grant!!!!!!!!!!! I am an Amy Grant fanatic (as is my husband), and there is no way I am missing the opening of this amazing symphony hall, AND miss Amy!!!!! Wohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am ONE happy camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just watched the video. Awesome! I am so excited about this. Just think as Nashville matures residents of downtown will be able to go out, have a nice dinner, walk to a Holiday Pops Concert and then maybe (Hopefully) stroll by some great department store to check out the holiday windows - ALL ON FOOT!

This is the type of development that makes a city truly great. We have the new Cannon Center here in Memphis - it is just a block off of Main where a lot of redevlopment is happening. We'll soon have that great foot traffic here too the only difference is that we'll smell BBQ as we walk about downtown - lol.

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