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Lexy's east side pics


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Lexy did a good job with his photos of East Nashville. I live on Shelby Avenue and am excited about all the changes. Martin Corner ($15 million) and Fifth and Main ($90 million), both now under way, represent significant (in terms of price, quality and scale) New Urbanism infill. And all the buildings in Five Points and along Main Street being rehabbed is HUGE. Since I moved to the east side in October of 2000, there have been countless new businesses to open and lots of improved properties. Now we need the new construction. The East Park community center will be a major addition and the East End Lofts condo building is still a possibility. In the past few years, I've visited numerous interesting urban neighborhoods in at least 25 cities. And I can honestly say that "lower East Nashville" is fast emerging as a funky, organic commercial/residential district that can rival most of the cool areas of those place.

Speaking of happening areas in Tennessee cities, there was a recent post regarding the Cooper-Young district in Memphis. VERY hip area. Love it.

William Williams

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I made the comment to Casey that it COULD be like The Highlands in Louisville. This Bardstown Road neighborhood is one of the most eclectic and urban areas in the south. If you have been there, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you need to. Just imagine waking up to the smell of fresh bread baking in the deli down on the corner. Having a music store called the Doo Wop Shop. Large houses of worship surrounded by small, but awesome old contemporary bungalows and houses all decked out in the most modern of ways. WHEW. I just love going there.

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