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murfreesboro pics


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I'd like to see another tower there soon!

I would trip over my jaw if they built a new one here. Actually, the new hotel in the Gateway is suppose to be a high rise along with some of the condos out there.

Those are great shots of the Murf! I need to do a Murfreesboro thread sometime.

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it's probably about a mile away from campus. it's "downtown" murfreesboro.

Isn't that residential area essentially the space between downtown & MTSU? One end is downtown & the other is the campus & frat / sorrority houses?

But nice pictures, I forgot how lovely the court square area is, I remember a great Italian restaurant I loved eating there. In fact one thing I remember about living there was all the places to eat, Corky's had just opened when I moved, but there was also the family steak / spaghetti restaurant - Demo's?, & near our apartment a great bar on the north side of campus had great burgers & a Mexican place I ordered out all the time. Of course there was also Murfreesboro's own version of Hooters & better too.

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Those are some interesting looking developments. Are there houses in those trees? I heard the Keebler elf market was booming down there.

I have witnessed a couple of blind dwarfs at Chef Wangs Chinese Restaurant in Murfreesboro a couple of weeks ago. Does that count???

Of course there was also Murfreesboro's own version of Hooters & better too.

Toot's! Neat place. They have locations in Cincy (Ohio), Bowling Green, Smyrna, and Murfreesboro. Expansion is the key to them, and it seems to be working.

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Sweet!!! M-boro pics!!!

Downtown looks to be in good shape, and I have to say that Rutherford has a mighty fine looking Court House.

Thanks so much for taking the time to take these pics!!!! I hope you find the time to take more in the future.

Sidenote: Demos is a mighty fine restaurant, one of my favs. I love the one in downtown Nashville.

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Thanks for the Murfreesboro shots! Excellent job! I have a daughter who a Sophomore at MTSU, so I go into the 'Boro pretty frequently these days. It has some really nice neighborhoods; and, as I'm sure everyone knows, is really booming. Watch out along the Medical Center Parkway. The development over there is going to be crazy!

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