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Condo development update


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This is a web-site I located some time ago and did'nt know if anyone had seen it. It has some of the condo projects going on around Nashville.

Very interesting site, and a nice compilation of condos projects in Nashville. You never cease to amaze with your "detective" work. Thanks!

I noticed that the ICON wasn't listed. Also, I can't wait to see renderings for the 12th and Division and Encore projects.

Is there any news relative to the status of the Sounds proposal..... retail, and residential, and ballpark?

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I have not heard anything about the Sounds proposal. I keep close tabs on the Struever Bros. site and they do not have the Rolling Mill Hill listed and nothing has gone out on their bid board.

The ICON is on the Bristol website. I dont know why some projects are listed at this site and others are not.

All I can do is keep snooping the WEB and see whats there.

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