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Nashville CBD Projects Map


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Not bad for a quickie, but I've said that...uh, nevermind.

Extend the Church Street project to 9th Avenue to the west, and to 1st Avenue at the river....5 additional blocks.

The federal courthouse site is directly to the left of the library at the end of the current green line. There are currently 4 structures on the lot, 3 slated for demolition...possibly all, but that's a different discussion.

And, talking about streetscapes, don't forget Capitol Blvd. from Church to the completed Legislative Plaza, and the James Robertson Streetscape project currently under construction at the county courthouse.

If we pulled this out a bit we could include the courthouse, the new Birch Building, and the future $40m transit center to be built adjacent to the Municipal Auditorium.

That's a chunk of parking lots biting the dust. Let's kill some more!

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I am curious if anyone knows exactly where the Symphony Towers proposal is located. Would that also show up on that map? Also, it would be way cool, to back out just a little and show where the ICON, 12 & Division, and the Sounds stadium proposals would be location. Yes, there is quite a lot of infill going on in Music City.

By the way, I tried out the Google Earth site that this map came from last night. I highly recommend it! :rolleyes:

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