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The Future of Ogburn Station


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East Winston is slowly trying to redevelop itself. Its sad that only the residents are currently seeing the potential of this side of town. Once again another newly formed CDC has joined the several organizations working together to revitalize the neglected neighborhoods of East Winton. Whats your thoughts of this side of town. Im not too familiar with Ogburn Station. I know is about 2 mins. north of the airport and thats about it.


click on the photo to see the article.

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It surprises me when I drive through Ogburn Station why more development projects aren't in this area. The area has a very high traffic count (I can't give you numbers so you'll have to trust me). Yet there hasn't been much development in the area in years. I do know that WS plans to include a Mass Transit stop and are calling it a Metro Center with high density develop within a 1/4 mile radius and are supposed to widen Rural Hall Rd and Old Walkertown Rd this year (which could change with budget shortfalls) and reconfigure the bottleneck of Rural Hall Rd, Old Walkertown Rd, and Rural Rd Ext..also the site of the future transit station.

Like you Twincity, I'm surprised more people don't see the potential in East Winston. Although Ogburn is really more Northeast Winston, the entire Eastern Hemisphere of Winston-Salem has fallen victim to prejudice and the historic US 52 racial divide. I think with I-74 coming in the near future, development in this area is inevitable. Walmart and city officials are looking for a possible site for yet another Super Walmart, but in this case, I hope they get it. Maybe with more development, people will begin to change their opinion of East Winston and begin to see it's possibilities.

FYI, the future development in the above article is in the site of the former Paragon Food Center. Right across from Ogburn Station Shopping Center, and a block from the Rural Hall Rd, Old Walkertown Rd intersection.

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