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It's the start of Pittsburgh season


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And by the way for our eastern friends on this forum don't mean to leave you out, though I haven't found any community to compare to the Pittsburgh area (within 3 hours of downtown) except possibly some towns in Texas, Philadelphia and its region does have some great football legacies like Bednarik and Steve Bono among others.

I call it "Pittsburgh" season because besides having the first professional game, professional team (yes they were different), use of hand signals by refs, numbers on jerseys, woman trainer, televised football game (and Pittsburgh scored the world's first televised touchdown).

The Pittsburgh region has produced 31 Super Bowl Quarterbacks and the tri-state area (WV, Ohio, Pennsylvania) have produced as many Super Bowl Quarterbacks as has been superbowls. Everyone from Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Johnny Unitias, Len Dawson, Marc Bulger, Jim Kelly, Jeff Hostetler and Matt Cavanaugh.

Quarterbacks are not where it stops though, there has never been a Super Bowl without a Pittsburgh area High School alumnus playing in it. From Ty Law to Curtis Martin to Fred Bieltinkoff in the 70s and Matt Millen in the 1980's to Mark Kelso and Mark Stepnoski in the 1990s.

Maybe they should start calling it the "Pittsburgh Bowl" to decide who is a champion. ;)

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Oh I forgot Marc Bulger and Joe Namath and Len Dawson (two SBs for the KC Chiefs) and George Blanda (superbowl for the Raiders) in my last post.

Found some great articles on how deep the football talent pool is in Pittsburgh both past and future:


and the big33 game between ohio and pa.


and the NCAA Division I starting QB's from Pittsburgh:


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Man, I'm excited about the football season starting back up! The Steelers sure did a number on the Panthers late in that game last night. I hope their problems will be worked out before the first regular season game. They're long overdue a victorious season. You all wouldn't believe how many Steelers fans are down here in Greenville! It's like a home away from Pittsburgh for us fanatics. ^_^

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