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Nashville: Classin' up the joint

it's just dave

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The C Paper's got a couple of stories today that you might find interesting. The first one is about the Public Square in front of the Courthhouse. This project is coming right along and has now grown to street level so we can actually see what's happening. Before, all the work was below ground level for the 1440-space parking garage. I'm anxious to see the pieces coming together now. The art they're talking about will be really a nice addition. If we can get three more like the one for the river, we'll have 3 more rollercoasters. Would that qualify as a theme park. Just kidding. I really like the riverfront sculpture. These will probably come from three different artists as it should.

The next is a project proposed for East Nashville which will really tie things together over here. I went to a meeting about this and the whole thing looks pretty exciting. So it's something to hope for. I hope the Feds see it that way too.

Anyway, here's the deal. Also, go to the site referenced in the story about the East Nashville projects. It's a cool thing.



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Dave!! That is going to be AWESOME!!!! Just got done going through the 65 pages and those renderings are GORGEOUS!!! They even have a water feature... YAY!!!!

How much are houses in that area going for? That'll be a lovely area to live in once all this gets done! But when it IS done, prices will skyrocket!

By the way, do you know where we can see the project renderings for the new square in downtown Nashville that was mentioned in the article?



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This may have already been posted but the State TennCare Offices vacated from the block in July and I have seen two or three core drilling crews in the parking lot but I am not sure if that is realated to the courthouse project...

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I do hope this is a positive sign that work will start soon. I remember seeing a core drilling team in the parking lot on a saturday or sunday last year. It was on a weekend . I do know a person who worked in that building and she said they were suppose to be out of it March of last year. Maybe the Fed. Govt. was waiting on them to vacate the building. Lets hope so!

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I walked by there today. I did not see anything new, but I saw some yellow pipes. I am not sure what those were, but I'll keep an eye from my watch on the front door. I know the back of the toy museum is a complete mess. There is trash and old lumber everywhere. I wonder if the toy museum guy is gonna clean that up.

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