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Berkman Plaza Phase II...


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A little inside scoop on Berkman, Phase II: Workers were today pouring a new bulkhead at the lot to the east of the existing building in preparation for the new tower. Also, Alan Travis is in town now overseeing the whole operation. So, I would expect additional action on that site in the near future.

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Chill man..imagine a pot smoking snail.. . . . . . thats how slow this process is going to move. I wouldnt expect Berkman to start construction until its neighbor and competition, 'the shipyards' kicks it into high gear. Once interest in the shipyards raises, berkman will be the first to capitalize off of its prime location 'next to' the shipyards...therefore boosting its sales. I think the stuff that they are releasing now is just to keep the buzz out that "hey, we still exists! Berkman isnt dead yet!" But if I hear anything i'll let you know.

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