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What Makes You Love a City?


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I am a bit tired of the constant bickering about Milwaukee vs. Minneapolis vs. St. Paul vs. Indianapolis vs. Detroit vs. Cleveland vs. St. Louis vs. Kansas City.

It is trite.

BIG Soapbox warning: I think we should all take great satisfaction that we live in an area that is beautiful, romantic and memorable, even though it may be underlooked. I have met people from LA and New York and southern Florida who, trying to prove that they live in the BEST of all possible worlds ( 1$ to Candide) , try to make everyone who doesn't subscribe to their idea of what constitutes a great city believe that ONLY the LA-NY-Miami-Dallas mindset is valid.

My response to that?...KEE-RIST ON A CRACKER!!! Have you ever wondered about how these people view the World? Do we really need to succumb to petty jealuosies about our favorite cities? Howzabout we actually discuss what WE love about what the Midwest has to offer? What would happen if the Midwestern Forum actually became a guiding light for the rest of the civilized regions of North America? (OKAY, I'm REALLY reaching here... :P )

So, off the Soapbox now...

I would challenge each one of you to come up with the joyful memories you might have had in the city that is NOT your home or "favorite." And WHY those memories had an influence on you. I ask this because it is easy to find memories you might have had in your own hometown. The greater challenge is what cities might have had a profound influence on you? And the even greater, more dramatic question is, are there any other cities you've visited in the Midwest "Romantic?" It's easy to pick Venice or Rome or Paris as a Romantic city. But how might Omaha be Romantic? Was it because the character of the city made you appreciate the moment? Was it because the dusk lighting caused you to fall in love with the person you were with at the time?

Personally, I'm interested in WHY a city - any Midwestern city - makes you long for the skyline. Makes you desire the smell of the streets. Makes you want to experience the vibe once again.

In short what do YOU think should make us visit YOUR Midwestern choice because it is a Fun, Stimulating, Happy, Goofy, Weird, Friendly, Frightening, Dreadfull, or Disgusting area?

And hey, my vote is for the disgusting... :shifty:

Just Kidding about the last one. Maybe.

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My city Detroit, is like no other city on the face of the earth. That's simplistic, but is the reason why I love it.

People should visit Detroit if nothing else to discover what reality has to say about the city. If reality and city image ever got in a fight, guess who would ALWAYS win? Reality. But how many people base their opinions on Detroit as a preconceived image? I know I did before I "married" Detroit. So, since I know what it's like to have those images instilled in my head, I can't blame people.

Instead, I hope...that one day they will have the opportunity to learn Detroit's story from the reality standpoint. In most cases that I am aware of when this happens, there is a HUGE difference in opinion that occurs, and the person has a whole new outlook on the city that put the world on wheels.

I also like the fact that Detroit is in a unique location. You really have to have a reason to pass through Detroit because it is off almost every major route. The city wouldn't be the same if it was a crossroads like Indianapolis or Atlanta because then everyone would be able to crowd it. So, I guess I like that "aside" factor...it keeps Detroit interesting, and being off the beaten path, it keeps people in wonder of what makes that city tick up in that wierded-out state of Michigan.

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I moved to St. Louis two years ago from Birmingham, Alabama and of all the cities I have been to and lived in this is my favorite one (to live in).


1. Sports. I like how all three pro franchises are downtown and not spreadout like they are in Dallas. I especially love the collegiate sporting events that take place here (NCAA regionals, NCAA Final Four, NCAA wrestling championship)

2. Unique neighborhoods: Soulard/Lafayette Square, Washington Ave Loft District, The Hill, Central West End, Clayton, Ladue, Delmar Loop, etc

3. Nightlife: There are so many places to go and you can get different things in each one. Washington Ave LD, Laclede's Landing, CWE, Clayton, Westport Plaza, Delmar Loop and there are two more coming: Bottle District next to Edward Jones Dome and Ballpark Village behind the new Busch Stadium

4. Forest Park: if you've been there then you know what I mean. The history of that place is amazing and so is the park in present day. You could literally spend an entire weekend in the park and do many different activities, spend relatively little money and have a great time

5. Events: STL has events (concerts, outdoor plays, outdoor movies) throughout the spring and summer

6. Bang for buck: many events are free, as well as other places in STL like the zoo, art museum, history museum, etc

7. City Museum: that place is awesome. Looks like it belongs at Universal Studios

8. The Arch: looks great in pictures and is very welcoming after the 7 hour drive from Birmingham

9. The city's history: STL is very old with a very proud history. The architecture downtown is awesome, especially around market street

10. Toasted Ravioli: that's good stuff

11. Opportunities: big business headquartered here: Edward Jones, AG Edwards, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Panera, Sarah Lee

12. Casinos

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The reason I Detroit can be sumed up by my trip there today. I arrived at 12:00 and walked up Woodward avenue. Stopped at Campus Martius Park which was bustling and full of life. Walked up to the Spirit of Detroit and took pictures of the large Pistons jersey that is draped from it. Walked down to Comerica Park. Payed 5 bucks and watched the Tigers sweep the Padres. Great summer day in Detroit.

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