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Specifics on "Ocean Square Proposal"


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NO its not. I havent been posting for a while because I wanted to wait and see how this thing played out before jumping to conclusions. But I cannot sit back any more and listen to people try to make sense of this peterbrooke thing. People please wake up! This is not Wonka's Factory( which im sure we'd all love to visit and so many others around the world)..its peterbrooke!! For goodness sake, who is really going to make regular visits to see how chocolate is made? Sure it'll be all the buzz when it opens, but after the Jax population has seen and done it, it'll quickly lose interest. I cant imagine a family saying, "Hey, instead of going to Disney, let's travel down to Florida to see the Peterbrooke factory! Yippee!" Come on, Ocean Square and Main will keep people coming with its theatre, grocery store, clubs,etc. It may not be a tourists attraction, but it'll definately be a staple in downtown for locals and not just a fad...which is exactly what the Peterbrooke Factory would be..A FAD. Lord help me, I might have to be hospitalized if the city selects Peterbrooke...what a waste, what a waste.


I like your style!

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