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1-95, 295, 9A links nearing finish


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i use this junction a lot to go anywhere in jacksonville, im glad to see its finally nearing its end, the 9A/295 connection is what im looking forward to the most so that getting on phillips to 9a is no longer needed. all we need now for fruit cove is 9b or an other way to get up there than san jose or racetrack to phillips.

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I drove through Jacksonville this weekend. The 295/95 Interchange is still a mess and the 95 North to 295 exit was closed on Sunday when I was passed back through.

Are they extending 295 further east past 95? Anyone got a map of the future 295? Just curious since I passed through.

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^Yes, 9B will also be renamed I-795, once completed.


Kinda like I-675 in Atlanta that connects to you I-475. When you're coming up I-75 towards Atlanta and you need to get onto I-475 you hop unto I-675.

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I-95/I-295 interchange begins opening Thursday

The Florida Department of Transportation will begin opening portions of the Interstate 95-Interstate 295 interchange Thursday and complete the opening of the project later this summer.

The ramp from I-95 southbound to I-295 northbound, leading to the Buckman Bridge, will open Thursday. On Sunday FDOT will open up movement from I-95 southbound to 9A eastbound.

On June 18 the ramp from I-95 northbound to I-295 northbound towards the Buckman will open, and eastbound movement will begin on I-295 across the overpass above U.S. 1 to where the portion of 9A currently ends. This includes opening the off ramp to U.S. 1.

About six to eight weeks later FDOT will open 9A westbound over I-95 to I-295, open the on ramp from U.S. 1 to I-295 westbound and the ramps from 9A westbound to I-95 southbound and to I-95 northbound.

Work on the project started in November 2001 with an estimated cost of $99.9 million. The current construction cost is $106.8 million.

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