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Orlando City Soccer Club

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Orlando City Soccer Club just had one of the most iconic matches in its short MLS era. 

It was not even an MLS match, but a US Open Cup match, but the atmosphere and the support were electric and the game was dramatic.  

Go watch the highlights for a bit of a feel of what that meant to the thousands in support as they rushed from end-to-end in the stadium to support the team at the finish. 

Great to watch! 


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The guid for the MLS All Star game finds downtown O-town “eminently walkable” and gives a shout out to the “District’s” as well.

It also gives a shout out to my watering hole of choice, the Harp & Celt. What’s not to love?


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So if you are a casual fan of Orlando City, or just a supporter of our local area. Tonight is the night to come out and cheer on the local team. 

One of the biggest games that Orlando City Soccer Club has had since joining MLS. It's US Open Cup. It's against Atlanta, and it's cheap!  

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1 minute ago, HankStrong said:

As a non-fan, do they have more talent than they showed with this awful record or are they just that bad of a team?

Because they really suck and all these people who backed them are leaving them.

I think they were watching their friends across the street at The Am to see what to do...

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Pareja will be a great hire for Orlando City and may actually be able to finally turn the team around. They are once again Re-Building, although  it is kind of a misnomer since they never really built anything worthy of playoffs in the first place and perpetually have been tearing down the roster and firing coaches. 

Good thing about Muzzi and Pareja are that they are known for being able to develop young talent into a solid roster, so we don't have to really do stupid overpriced acquisitions like they have done in the past and put together a roster that is mis-matched and underachieving. This will be very good in the future and provide some real stability to the team in my opinion. One of the downfalls, besides  lack of cohesion and finishing, has been the team paying to bring in free agents and blowing all their money and cap space on players that were past their prime, over-priced, or just plain busts. With many of those players coming off of the roster in the next year, the team should be able to have a solid base of good young players that can set a lower end baseline. The young players can also fill in for depth with injuries and call-ups that happen over the course of the season. This is very critical to making the playoffs in MLS, as there are going to be a lot of games where you can't just put your "best 11" on the field and need solid backups who can grind out results. 

I am looking forward to seeing what additional roster moves the team makes before the season and looking forward to Pareja. 

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