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Manchester Developments

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Here is a nice PDF of the developments on Manchester's riverfront. here.

Also here is a page on Manchester's Hotel. here.

Link to my Manchester's Ballpark Progress Thread


Other Links that I find

Manchester Airport Access Road

Manchester Airport Access Road (open to traffic in 2008)

HTA Associates site on the Access Road.

(You can see where the access road comes in from the south.



www.RiverWalkManchester.com (under construction)

Link to Loughlin's post on Manchesters Riverwalk

Manchester Place Luxury Apartments est final completion autumn 2005

Manchester Place Apartments









Granite Street Widening and I-293 Bridge construction and exit 5 reconstruction est final completion 2007

Update on the Granite Street widening and I-293 constrution

Area 1Full Size Image


Area 2Full Size Image


Area 3Full Size Image


Area 4Full Size Image


Area 5 Full Size Image


Loeb Plaza





Families In Transition House

Families In Transition Mill


Pandora Mill Building Hotel Proposal

Pandora Mill Building.

News Paper Article Here.




This pic is by Loughlin


Manchester School Improvements

Manchester School Improvements

Manchester High School Central (Central High School)


Manchester High School West (West High School) The school I graduated from :)


Manchester High School Memorial (Memorial High School)


Parkside Middle School


Northwest Business Park (est. final completion 2018)

Northwest Business Park


Gale Home For Seniors

Gale Home For Seniors


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All of the new condo projects look really nice. Keep us updated skip :thumbsup:


I definately will.

I cant wait for all these things to be done.


I can't wait either. This is not only great for Manchvegas but for the whole state IMO.

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A study is underway to determine the best use for parcel of land the City recently acquired on Elm Street south of the arena. Suggestions include a major mixed-use transportation center, where rail and bus service could be located, as well as a residential, office, and retail complex.  Discussions are also underway to bring a 3,000-seat performance venue to Manchester.


Intown Manchester's Report on Manchester

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^Wow, great news! A performance venue that seats 3,000 people would be an excellent use of space and would add some culture. It's better than building more movie theaters.

Those Granite Street blueprints are neat. I like the bike path lane. Are there other bike paths on downtown roads?

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Got any recent pics of Manchester Place?


I sure do! I just took them the other day. I just haven't posted them yet. Not great shots but I had my buddy from church with me and I didn't want to keep him waiting cuz I wanted to take some more shots around town also.






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^Why thank you. Portland has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. You guys have the perfect setting. If only you guys could get stuff approved. Just imagine. But Manchester has more of an advantage because its 50 mins from Boston and there are a ton of people who live in between that get to choose weather they want to go to Boston or Manchester. All you need is an Arena and Portland is going to boom like Manchester is.

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And about the house prices rising thats very true.  My parents bought our house in 2000 for 125k.  They just got it appraised for a refinance and it apraised for 275k. It more than doubled in 5 years!!!


5 years? Hell, the value of my home here in Bellows Falls quadrupled in two years. Bought it for $98,000 and could now sell it for $427,500. So either the person I bought it from was a moron, or home appreciation is rising like crazy. (And mind you, I live in a little town that is seeing absolutely no development.)

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