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Lost city of Atlantis found?


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Rendering of Atlantis described by Plato versus the "Richat Structure" which is over 30 miles across.


From our perspective of time according to Plato, Atlantis existed about 12,000 years ago, long before the ancient Sumerians which are the earliest recorded civilization. That would put the city's existence close to 10,500 B.C. That date is interesting and the Atlantis story originated with the Egyptians who passed it down to Plato. If you look at the arrangement of the Great Pyramids, they are laid out on the ground to match the constellation of Orion is it appeared in the sky in 10,500 B.C. that's around the time Atlantis has said to have been destroyed by major natural catastrophes. Evidence also shows a world wide flood took place around that time, which is also the basis of the great flood stories in many religions. Psychic Edgar Cayce also stated decades ago the the hall of records of Atlantis are located in an underground chamber under the left paw of the sphinx. Modern ground penetrating radar have recently detected such a chamber under the paw of the sphinx. So there are a number of Egyptian connections with Atlantis.


Compelling evidence that the Lost City of Atlantis is not a myth and whats left of it has been hiding in plain sight. The most compelling evidence I've ever seen. Everything from location, the terrain including the the number of rings and size of the Richat structure matches the multi ring city of land and water of Atlantis described by Plato.  An ancient map also shows this area of Africa to be Atlantis. Add to the fact that according to Plato, one of the Kings of Atlantis was called Atlas. A nearby modern day civilization says their first king was named Atlas and the mountain range near the multi-ring anomaly is called the Atlas Mountains.  There is also evidence of past flowing water in the rings all the way to ocean. It would not be the first time a "mythology" city turned out to be real. The city of Troy was once considered a myth and it was found. Every location that has been proposed to be the site of Atlantis were all interesting but this is the first proposed site that fits the bill.

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