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Downtown Tunnels


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So there has always been rumors of tunnels beneath Nashville. There was a thread up here, but it was archived from 2005, with little information. Does anyone know about tunnels downtown? I know there was one that went from the old convention center to Bridgestone Arena, but never knew the entry point for it. I think it would be really fun to go explore some tunnels downtown and find this hidden Nashville. 

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There were tunnels built more than 40 years ago for ducts that ran from the old Thermal (burning garbage) plant to the various office buildings downtown. I have no detailed knowledge about them but would guess they run up First Avenue and branch out at Commerce, Church, Union, Deaderick and James Robertson. I recall seeing an old photo from the early 1970s of underground tunnels joining at 4th and Church. I wish someone (here) would contact someone at Metro public works to see if those tunnels are still open and where they go. 

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