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Rays vs. Rowdies and Effect On Orlando?


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The St. Pete Times is reporting on a possible turf war as the Rays ponder a new home and the Rowdies seek a berth in MLS:


Of interest to Orlando: as Mayor Buddy noted at the Pro Bowl, the elephant in the room here for NFL expansion is acceptance by the existing Florida franchises. If MLS takes in the Rowdies just up the road from OCSC, does that impact that argument in the NFL? Also, could the Rays still consider O-town or is it a foregone conclusion they're headed just across the bay to Hillsborough?


(Let me also throw in that I really, really, really wish Poynter could find a way to buy the Sentinel. The Times is such a better newspaper these days.)

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I am biased. I moved into the St. Pete area in high school when Tatu was tearing it up with the Rowdies as an elder up but incredibly talented Brazilan futebol star. I also marched in my HS band at AL Lang. I also am bored to tears with a baseball game and can only garner any interest in the sport through highlight shows.

With Beckham's Miami dream still supported by the MLS but not so much it seems inside Miami, I would love to see this. The plans for the AL Lang stadium are no where near what the Rays wanted totally changing the shoreline and roadways there. 18000 seats. Modest, doable and walkable from nice entertainments. Rays? Eh, kick their grass.

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Latest from the St. Pete Times suggests Hillsborough County's latest gambit to lure the Rays across the Bay would land them on West Shore instead of downtown Tampa:


The YUGE St Pete mayoral election next month may also play a part in this and the last report I saw suggested the Rays ownership favored the current incumbent Kriseman over former mayor Baker.

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The St Pete Times announces Hillsborough County has selected the Channelside-Ybor district as the site to lure the Rays across Tampa Bay . This has a long way to go but brings MLB a lot closer to Orlando folks if it happens.


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What to do with a baseball team with no fans in the stands?

What else?

Build it a super-expensive new stadium in Ybor.

$900 million (with no financing)

At least it's cool looking.  (Yes, that is a translucent roof).  The modern look won't  fit the neightborhood at all though.


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Today's Tampa Bay Times column:  

It essentially says the new stadium proposal will prove, once and for all, if Tampa wants to be in the MLB "business". 

I believe this stadium proposal is so short-sighted.  The team should have scaled back its plans.  It should never ask for $900 million, when city already shows zero support for it.   

It's destined to fail.   Even the column comments are anti-stadium.  

I hope leaders in Orlando are paying attention.  The Rays will move in a few years.   Time to put together an attractive alternative.


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