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Hampton Inn & Suites planned for downtown Greensboro


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With all the skepticism about new hotels in downtown Greensboro, a second hotel proposal is moving forward. The first is a 6-story Hyatt Place hotel which will be a part of a large  6-story luxury apartment complex across the street from New Bridge Bank Ballpark. Buildings have already been leveled for that project. And now a building permit has been issued for a 83,338 square foot Hampton Inn and Suites to be built at 332 S. Greene Street in downtown Greensboro in the restaurant and entertainment district. It will be built on the same block where the Carolina Theatre is located. There are two more proposals, a 12-story Wyndham luxury hotel (8 story hotel on top of a 4 story parking deck)  and a 5-story hotel in the Union Square downtown mixed-use university campus, the latter is expected to go up in the long term future..


CN Hotels will be building the Hampton Inn and Suites. The Guilford County GIS website shows that "Greensboro Downtown Hotel Inc" now owns the property on S Greene St in downtown Greensboro and it gives the mailing address of CN Hotels. According to the deed date, CN Hotels purchased that property 12/18/2014.

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