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House of Blues in the works for downtown Greensboro?


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It has been rumored that there is a plan to build a House of Blues, a chain restaurant/music venue, in Greensboro.


While I disagree with the opinions of these particular bloggers, they seemed to have found out some kind of way that downtown's top club/bar owner is trying to bring a House of Blues to downtown Greensboro and that he is working with a current city councilman to do it. Im not sure how accurate any of this information is or whether  or not it some strange form of sarcasm, but with talk of a 3,000 seat performing arts center, two new downtown hotels and mixed-use developments, I wouldn't be surprised someone would try to propose it, especially with the success Greensboro has had with downtown nightlife giving Tryon St in uptown Charlotte a run for its money. But take it with a grain of salt....we'll see, stay tuned.


Supposedly this House of Blues is to be built strategically within a block or two of the planned high-rise Wyndham luxury conference hotel. The only piece of property available, in close proximity to the hotel site and large enough for such a venue is the News & Record lot across from the Amtrak/bus depot. The lot is bound by Davie St, Washington St and Church St. It was one of the sites being eyed for the performing arts center. It would certainly bring a dead part of downtown to life and its a smart location being across the street from the Amtrak station. I hope the rumors are true because it would be a game changer for downtown Greensboro as an entertainment destination. Currently the closest House of Blues is located in Myrtle Beach, SC. Club owner Rocco Scarfone already has established a relationship with the House of Blues in the past using House of Blues Entertainment to book music events in his clubs in downtown Greensboro. Its seems that lately here, downtown development has been like the domino effect. Each project seems to be attracting another and another. I guess the big questions many skeptics will ask is what kind of effect would the House of Blues have on the performing arts center? The Steven Tanger Center will already be the largest performing arts center between Atlanta and Washington DC and will host traveling concerts. The seating capacity for a House of Blues ranges from 1,000 seats to 2,300 seats. Can downtown Greensboro really support both the performing arts center and a House of Blues of at least 1,000 seats, particularly if there are two concerts going on the same night? If the answer is yes just think of what that would mean for downtown and all of the people coming downtown. Imagine having a sold out crowd at the House of Blues and thousands of people watching a Broadway show at the PAC or a baseball game at NewBridge Bank Park all at the same time. This would surely attract even more restaurants and residential development. Downtown hotels would also become more profitable.





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If the News and Record lot across from the Amtrak station is being eyed for a House of Blues by Rocco Scarfone, it would be cool if they placed an old locomotive on an unused rail spur that cuts through the west end of the property with a sign painted on the locomotive that says House of Blues, similar to the water tower at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. Maybe the architecture of HOB Greensboro could resemble an old textile mill. The HOB Greensboro should be unique to Greensboro and play off of the city's history as a railroad and textile town. The site is practically across the street from the planned Wyndham Luxury Hotel on the west end. Maybe HOB and Wyndham could work together for cost saving packages for hotel guests while they are in town for what ever reason. That would help fill up hotel rooms and at the same time help sell out crowds at the HOB.

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