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Raleigh HQ Gains and Losses


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The city has seen a slew of HQ losses over the past several years, mainly due to mergers and acquisitions. On a positive note, we are also seeing many new HQ gains. The following are just a couple of prime examples:






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HQs are good but they're not always best. At the high water mark in 1999, Nortel had 13,000 employees and on-site contractors in RTP, but it was not the corporate HQ. The remnants of Nortel in RTP are about 500 heads now.


It's been a while since a company that had the potential of employing several thousand people locally landed in the Triangle. Fidelity arrived in 2006. They took much of the former Nortel space and have hired about 3000. Time will tell if Biogen, Credit Suisse, Metlife, and NetApp grow that large here.

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