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Downtown Rockville Redevelopment

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This guy wants to build a Corporate HQ for the future growth plans of his company.  There are 170 if I remember reading correctly employees now but project to have 250 by year end and 1100 my 2020.


Pretty lofty goals


regardless, the plan is reasonably strong and would be replacing some damn ugly and low density buildings with nicer much higher density buildings.


this potentially 120 million project could really help the rockville section of Vernon.


adding 1100 office workers would surely improve the retail environment there and adding the retail walkability would be nice as well.   add this to the handful of mill conversions planned and I think Rockville can become a more vibrant community.


Also, its location reasonably close to I-84, and fairly distant to any other suburban village centers might set it apart.  Manchester Main Street is a good ways away and the plan is to include mom and pop rather than national chains, so competition would not so much be Buckland hills.


Who knows, it is surely interesting however.


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So, I was just thinking about this a bit...


Rockville Bank has done well as of late.  Since they went public they have continued to grow organicly and have 22 Branches now including one just opened in West Hartford.  They are now moving into New Haven County too with the announcement of a new Branch in Hamden.


Now, I am not sure what their actual success will be in the next 5 years, or if the leadership wants to stick with Rockville or move elsehwre or sell or whatever....


But it stands to reason that Rockville might be in a position to benefit this potential development.  Not only from a financing perspective but also from an occupancy standpoint.


Rockville bank recently expanded in Glastonbury and now has a pretty decent size space there.  The bank could either grow to the point of needing more space, or re-centralize into some of the planned space in this development.


So, what I am saying is that the guy planning this may be a little on the pipe dream side of things, but there is presumidly at least one other conpany that might be interested in space if a more attractive option such as this existed.



anyhoo just thinking.


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