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Urban Art Museum coming to the Mills50 District

Process Architecture

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We are currently working on a project called the Urban Art Museum, and have teamed up with Jai Gallery and Marcos Cruz to curate the “Museum”. The Urban Art Museum is not a building but an urban network of privately commissioned public fine art. We have more information related to the project on our Kickstarter page:




The project will be key to revitalizing the Mills50 Main Street District and will be a nice complement to the new bus shelters that we designed for the District: http://www.processarchitecturellc.com/2012/07/19/lite-stop/

Construction begins later this summer.



The Mills50 Main Street district will be the location of the first Urban Art Museum. The projects seeks to stimulate the local economy by creating a free cultural attraction that features permanent urban fine art installations.  The objective is that by creating an art museum that is dispersed throughout the environment, rather than a fixed building, people are tempted to explore the urban environment which makes them more prone to discovering new restaurants, businesses and people.  Patrons of the Urban Art Museum will be able to explore the museum through the use of an iPhone application which shows the locations of the art pieces, and will highlight select businesses in the district that are sponsors of the Urban Art Museum.  Our goal is to install 50 fine art public art pieces in the Mills50 district in the next five years.  The first location will be in-between Educe and Tako Cheena on North Mills, and we have already secured the second location at the Orange Studio owned by Julio Lima of Say It Out Loud. And are looking to identify future locations.


The installations will be created by Florida's top artists and will be commissioned through private donations.  Unlike other public art programs, these installations will be site specific and the donors will have a chance to meet the artist and collaborate with the artist in the design of the pieces.  The first project will be funded through our Kickstarter page:






The project was also featured as one of the hot Kickstarter projects by architects on Archinect, http://archinect.com/news/article/78460320/kickstart-this-archinect-s-kickstarter-picks-for-august-2013 which is an internationally respected source for Architecture.


Thank you for taking the time to review our project.  The key to the success of this project is community support, and your paper will allow us to communicate our message to a wider audience and hopefully help transform the Mills50 Main Street District.

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Urban Planet Forum Members, you are formally invited to biggest art event of the summer in Orlando, the Urban Art Museum Kickstarting Party at Jai Gallery this Friday from 6p-9p.


Come join us, and learn more about our exciting plans for the Urban Art Museum, meet the artist Marcos Cruz, who will be creating the first installation and also enjoy great art and company as we celebrate this transformational occasion!


All who donate to the Urban Art Museum during this event will receive a Marcos Cruz original artwork commemorating the event. 


Please feel free to forward this email to your colleagues, friends and clients or repost to Facebook.


See you Friday!




Thank you all for your support.



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I think I am going to have to experience it in person before I render an opinion.  I ran right past there on this morning's run and did not even notice it.  I think it should have been displayed in a more public place, it looks kind of hidden between two private properties and not too view-able from the street.

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