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Downtown locations chosen for iConnect businesses


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Hartford Prints will occupy 42 1/2 Pratt St.;


Farm Shop will be located at 80 Pratt St.;


Naturally Dogs and Cats will occupy 100 Trumbull St.;


National Exhibitions will be between 100 and 200 Trumbull St.


WNPR will occupy a remote space on Trumbull Street (which the city hasn’t yet identified), where it will sometimes broadcast “Where We Live” and “The Colin McEnroe Show,” It will share the location with Deft Collective, a co-work space designed to attract entrepreneurs and people from the business community who could benefit from a group setting.


These are state supported enterprises.


I think the Pet Store is perfectly located near the park. I give it the best chance to become a viable business,

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This program is very interesting and I hope they all do well.  In the least, they will help fill space even temporarily. 


couple this program with increased residential population and there should be several that stick around and succeed.


eventually a program like this might help to make downtown an interesting place to shop......................................


mind you, only after the giant parking lot at Asylum and Main is built on with some retail space... otherwise, its never gonna be enjoyable to shop downtown :)

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