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Concept: New City Hall

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On Dennis Houses blog






They are putting into the budget some funds to study a new building and see a cost benefit compared to all the cost of leases, and maintaining the existing city call.


basically, the city is scattered all over the place and he would like to see all his department heads in one place.  Also he wants school board offices co-located.


I know we all talked about this in the past and cannot find the discussion, so please merge if possible...


as far as location, its of course too early, but they mentioned the hilton lot, N of 84, and the lot behind city hall


realistically, there are tons of options, but basically this is about a new government building built for functionality and such.





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Looks like we may be getting a new City Hall.  I'd be all for it.  The current one is beautiful and historic and in a good location, but this plan could free it up to become part of an expanded Wadsworth, where there would actually be even more access to the public.  This also would help get the ball rolling on getting some development in North Downtown.  It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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I will go out on a limb here too and say that it will free up some of the other city office space for residential conversion.  specifically I am thinking the planning offices on Constitution plaza.  250 CP I believe

its not all that large of a building but certainly large enough for 40 apartments or so.


I am fully supportive of this move.  While the city is certainly not flush with cash, spending 70 million in order to save 3.8 million per year would be considered a smart move by city standards.

also that 3.8 million does not include the upkeep costs of the current city hall.

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interesting editorial on the municipal buildings included in the DONO RFP's




weirdly, I just made the connection. the end of this article lends me to think the city intends to keep the current city hall which is sort of a shame.


Id really like to see the Wadsworth get it and expand big time



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