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Hartford V New Haven development cycle

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Not really a versus thing at all here so dont worry people :)


New haven is undoubtedly the nicer place to hang rout largely due to Yale.  Hartford is undoubtedly the better place to find a job.


right now, there are some huge plans in Hartford largely funded by the state that will vastly improve the livability of downtown Hartford that may even spread into the preiphory.  These plans include bringing thousands of more apartments a UConn Campus, realigning and burying a highway, building a commuter rail/busway etc... these changes will surely put Hartford closer to New Haven in terms of cool factor downtown and change the perception about downtowns vibrancy.


Right now New haven has some HUGE plans to tear down the downtown highway spur and put in several corporate headquarter type offices.  There is also the colloseum redevelopment that will further repair past issues and include housing shopping and yet another corporate office type building.  New Haven also continues to see smaller conversions and new aopartment construction slowly expanding downtowns footprint and again making it more so the place to live.  the Office "boom" in New Haven will inevitably bring the number of jobs in the city closer to what Hartford has to offer.



We can all clearly see that both cities are heading in the right direction.  do you guys think that Hartford will ever be as cool as New Haven?   Will New Haven be as much of a jobs center as Hartford?


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