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Other Housing concepts/proposals

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In addition to the Pratt concept that I just posted, these other projects were on the minutes for CRDA



Pearl-Trumbull – Mr. Freimuth presented a potential proposal for a residential project located at Pearl and Trumbull.


-I am assuming this is 111 Pearl, but suppose it could be 100 Pearl, or possibly City Place II or the AT&T building...

you never know, it seems anything is possible now.




Capewell – Mr. Freimuth presented a potential proposal for a residential project located at the Capewell Factory. This project is in its early stages, as such, the Committee will be kept apprised of developments as they transpire.

I think this is just the one we heard about from CIL




5. 179 Asylum and Buckingham Place

The Committee received a brief update on the 179 Asylum project and generally discussed a possible residential project located at Buckingham Place.


OK, this is interesting stuff!

179 Asylum is City Place II I think... so that cant be right, it should be 179 Allyn, the Black Bear building so, no news there... But....



first off there is no buckingham place address in Hartford, its Buckingham Street, so this likely refers to the projects name.  This Street runs from Main Street to Washington Street next to the huge surface parking lot near the capital.


So, not much info here but I bet this referrs to one of the surface lots being developed into housing.  



It would be absolutely amazing to get some nice new residential developed in the Capital hill area.  It would be such a pretty area if it wasnt all parking. 


waiting to hear more!


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I got alot more info on the new housing plans I read about on the CRDA site.


They were kind enough to e-mail me some info as it is all publicly accessable through freedom of imformation.


Only 2 of the projects on their list have bond commission approval already.  one being 777 Main the other being Front Street Phase 2


in addition there are just 3 other projects that have CRDA approval.  so once they get their bonds approved at the state, they will actually be funded.

those buildings include 201 Ann, 179 Allyn, and 291 Asylum.


of those 5 I am not sure how many are seeking historical tax credits, so there may or not be a snag for any of them.  or the historical tax credit might be small enough to not stop progress.


The parl trumbull are indeed both 101 and 111 Pearl.


I got more info too, but they asked that I keep it confidential. 

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The thing about the historical tax credit is that the PB project in NJ was a convention center.  It may or may not have any relevance to apartment complexes.  I'm not a lawyer but the main part of the decision was that the developer (PB) would not have any risk.  It would seem that anyone who is renovating a building that will depend on rents has skin in the game.  My take.


That said, given all the forces that seem to want 777 to happen, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first to actually begin moving.


You're probably right that FS P2 is on hold as Nitkin waits on UConn and/or the Brewery.  I still think this is the best location for UConn by far.

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ill also add that it appears as though the clarion is absolutely a priority for the CRDA.


we will know for sure when the next bond commission agenda comes out, but Im thinking CRDA will cover the historical tax credits while the IRS sorts things out.


777 is a much bigger project and Becker has gotten just a ton of press lately.  this thing is happening or it will be detrimental to his rep.  his rep is sterling right now, he was the focus of last weeks green business magazine by the HBJ.

and nothing will change downtown as much as this project, so I feel like the director of the CRDA will stick his neck out to get the win.


286 Apartments plus 35Ksf of retail that will be half priced and therefore filled in that location would be awesome!


anyways, patience... patience... patience.... I HAVE NONE!!!

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