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I think the infill is wonderful for nashville and the entire metro area. There will be some casualties from it, namely the loss of low income housing and there's a risk of losing some architectural heritage along the way. However, the benefits seem to outweigh the negatives for me. Something clearly has to change with projections of a million more metro residents in 20 years. We can't just keep building suburbs, and the only real alternative is to turn to infill projects.

I'm most familiar with the area around Belmont and Vandy as that's my neighborhood, but I also frequently travel around the Wedgewood and 8th ave south intersection. There's is strong infill of single family in both places, and that's only going to increase the walkability of these neighborhoods especially when you add in the moderate or large multi-family developments in those areas like Note 16 and the melrose theater development.

I get the sense now that the "cool" place to live isn't Brentwood or mt Juliet....it's inside 440. People are willingly giving up square footage for walkability and the neighborhood feel. That bodes well for the future of Davidson county in terms of just about every metric we use to judge cities. It has already, and will continue, to drive up real estate prices in the core, but that sure is a better alternative than seeing the core collapse in terms of real estate.

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Guest 5th & Main Urbanite

Great article. I think the infill boom is going to hit Main Street in East Nashville rather soon and the build out is going to be nothing short of amazing. Just waiting for it to happen.

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