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State may still be looking to buy more Hartford office towers.


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After committing $120 million to buy two signature Class A office buildings in downtown Hartford, state officials say the deal making may not be over.


"After this project, we aren't necessarily done," said Shane Mallory, the administrator of leasing and property transfer for the state Department of Administrative Services. "We may want to buy a third building, but at this point we aren't sure."

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Read this last night and was glad to hear it.


I knoe some will be angry about the expense, but if done right this should save the state a great deal of money in the long term.  Now if only the state could get the unions back to the negotiating table regarding pensions. (and im a liberal)


As far as what buildings make sense?  its getting harder to pick a winner.  as strange as it seems, Goodwin might be a good choice.  it has a good ammount of vacancy.  it used to be state owned (by the pension fund) and as the landlord, the state could make a little more happen with the hotel.



The State is looking to buy the Morgan Street garage, so I wonder if they are considering picking up any other office near it.  If Uconn does not go for it, 1 Talcott Plaza might be an option.  as might 100CP  Heck, they may even just add 200CP whick from the begining I thought was a no brainer along with CT River plaza.   its pretty big and right next to the garage and CT river plaza.   its also empty.   rennovations would be kinda steep with the asbestos removal and such though, so purchase price would need to be very cheap.

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