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Stamford Town Center

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So Saks is leaving, and I hear that Barnes & Noble may be reducing its hours.


The mall has a great selection of stores, great restaurants and a great location.  I don't see it dying, but I am not aware of any department stores that would consider the Saks space, and so maybe yet another lifestyle wing will get built.


If others view things differently: what went wrong with this mall, and when?  It's always seemed to be doing fine when I've gone, but I haven't followed Westchester/Fairfield County retail real estate that closely.


Any updates please!


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Just a guess, but the high end nature of Stamford means that their interests are more into botique type stores than big chains.  and I'm guessing, but if the ladies of Stamford want to go to Sacs, they go to the flagship store in Manhattan as an outing with the girls because downtown stamford is just not as interesting and has no panache compared to the city.


it MIGHT be a case where being so close to NY is hurting Stamford.


otherwise all demographics in stamford point to retail growth because that city is flourishing in both the jobs/office development as well as housing development.

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