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Sheraton Four Seasons Greensboro undergoing $30 million renovation


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Koury Corp. of Greensboro is in the midst of a complete renovation of the Sheraton Four Seasons Greensboro/Koury Convention Center that could cost up to $30 million.
The 1,000-room hotel at 3121 High Point Road features 250,000 square feet of meeting space and is the largest hotel under one roof between Atlanta and Washington, D.C. The hotel consists of a 17-story tower and a triangular 28-story tower. It's also the tallest hotel in North Carolina. The 17-story tower opened in the 1970s, The convention center opened in 1990 and the 28-story tower was built on top of the convention center in 1994. I remember when early designs for the 28-story tower showed a sleek tower that was almost completely glass. The model with the glass tower also showed the mall being expanded and connected to the hotel and convention center. When the tower was constructed, Four Seasons Towne Center was the largest mall in North Carolina. Today its the only 3-level mall in North Carolina.
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