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The Bible Code


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Since the1990s researchers have claimed they have found a skip sequence letter code in the original hebrew text of the Torah (the old testament). In essence you skip letters in equal numbers and it spells out words and sentences. While many have laughed at this notion it should be noted that a man that use to be a code breaker for the U.S. government said there is something to it. Supposedly the old Testament of the Bible was influenced by God. The researcher who first picked up on this was a Jewish man named Michael Drosnin. Basically the codes describe future events in the Bible. However researchers say its hard to find events in the future because you have to know the future to know what to look for. So events are mainly found after they have already happened. But a few researchers think they have discovered future information by typing key words into the computer and searching for other words in the matrix that may be associated. The problem with this is including words that may not be associated and you end up with incorrect codes. Here are some things the researchers "claimed" to have already found.
In the plain text of the Book of Daniel it says this: Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and "seal" the Book  even to the time of the end"
encoded in that chapter where the verse is, it supposedly says "Bible Code......Sealed Before God" .  It also said in the encoded text "Bibe Code" "to shut up the words and seal the book until the end" the code researcher say that the "sealed book" mentioned in the plain text of the Book of Daniel is actually the Bible Code itself because in essence it was "sealed" and unreadable until computer software programs were capable of finding such codes.
Another code says "Bible Code"....It was made by computer....the writing of God engraved on the tablets"
More detailed codes: 
1) "Hitler...evil man......nazi and enemy....slaughter"
2) "Shakespeare...presented on stage....macbeth....hamlet"
3) "Wright Brother...Airplane"
4) "Edison..electricity...light bulb"
5) "Newton....gravity"
6) "Einstein....science....they prophesied a brainy person....a new an excellent understanding..he overturned present reality"
7) "twin towers..airplane...terror...twofold...strikes....wil collapse....will burn
8)  "Oklahoma...Terrible Frightening Death...There Will Be Terror....His Name Is Timothy, McVeigh, Day 19, On the Ninth Hour, In the Morning, He Ambushed, He Pounced, Terror"
Some of the future codes:
1) "World War....Jerusalem"
2) this code was found  in the 1990s and it's interesting considering the turmoil going on in Syria today - "Asad....Holocaust...shooting from the military post...Syria"
3) "2113 (year) desolated...empty....depopulated....for everone, the great terror"
4) "time machine, it may come anytime, it will come everytime"
5) "DNA....tree of life" (note tree of life is mentioned in the Bible's plain text)


here is the Olmec "tree of life"




Here is DNA




ironically the medical symbol (which goes all the way back to the greeks) looks similar . One could say the snakes represents DNA and the wings represent DNA being "brought" to earth.



6)  "Genetic code, His gene you will inherit, To Advance man"
Some of the codes mention a "metal vessel" bringing DNA to earth and the word "alien" is mentioned.


Basically Michael Drosnin is suggesting that the code was written by extraterrestrial life that has the ability of time travel (which he claims also brought the DNA of the human genetic code to Earth) This was the belief of the ancient Sumerians. They believed "gods" came from the skies and mixed some of their genetic make up with apes. The result is modern day homo sapiens.


I don't know about the Bible Codes. It really sounds off the wall and in order to believe it you first have to believe in GOD/ET and that some higher power put a code in the Bible. It sounds crazy but then again we really don't know how man really got here in the first place. Life on earth is complex and couldn't have been jump started here on earth out of chaos. Some higher intelligence had to be involved, call it God, aliens or whatever you want. The truth is out there and we may not want to know what it is.

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