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Will we ever discover time travel?


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Theoretically it is possible but impossible with today's technology. If we ever figure out how to do it, one would expect humans from the future visiting us. Some would say that could explain UFOs but what about modern technology being recorded on stone thousands of years ago? Just what if humans from the future went back and showed ancient man visions of the future.

Here is photo of what looks like an astronaut on a pillar at Salamanca Cathedral Church, which was started in the 1600’s and finished in the 1800’s.


Now here is an astronaut suit (comparing the two notice the leg position)


Ancient Mayan artifacts resemble airplanes


Ancient object found in Istanbul



ancient rocket ship? notice the flames at the bottom and the man has his hands on a control with an object attached to his nose


Egyptian light bulb?


911 seen ahead of time?



9+11 = 20


sequence of the falling of the towers...BTW it's folded in the shape of an airplane. Also note on one fold it says "United" and the other "America" The two planes that hit the world trade center were United and American planes.


Here is something a little more interesting. In Dec. 11, 2008, a team of Chinese archeologists announced they found a Swiss ring-watch, after removing the covering of the 400 years old Si Qing tomb, from Ming Dynasty. Evidence shows the tomb had been undisturbed for 400 years. The first ring watch was made in 1906 and there certainly were no swiss brand watches of any kind 400 years ago. Of course its a hoax if it is assumed that time travel is impossible.






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