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AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks


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Despite the fact that we have our first elected African-American president, racism is still an issue in the United States and it could explain why the polls are close in some states that have seen improvement in the economy. Black people are often judged by stereo-types, particularly young black males. But racism isn't just white and black. There are people in all races who are prejudice. There is racism and mistrust between black people, asians and hispanics as well. When will this country stop judging people based on skin color? When you look at society, our churches and neighborhoods, in general are still segregated today. In every city there is a black side of town and a white side of town.


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My fear is that the election will be a close one and if Romney wins it will have been won by a margin made up of racist individuals. There's obviously no way to prove that one way or the other, but it doesn't take much looking to find blatant racism when it comes to this election. The never-ending reports of Obama hanging by a rope are evidence of that. It's the same problem with Republicans or Democrats voting for a straight ticket just because they belong to that political party. Skin and terms do not make an individual.

I for one will be voting for both parties this election as I always have done. I choose to vote for the best candidate, not the one who's skin color is the same as mine or belongs to the same party as the President.

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