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PROPOSED: Trinity townhouse style dorms

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OK, so the HBJ has some more info on these puppies.   Apparently there is already construction in the works.  and this is a pretty major porject.


there is a rendering in the link as well.




The whole Trinity project is being done in two phases; the first includes three apartment buildings with room for 203 students to be completed in August. The second phase includes two apartment buildings with room for 150 students and 7,500-10,000 sq. ft. of retail space. The second phase will be ready for the spring 2014 semester; a semester earlier than originally planned.


So it appears as though after the first phase that I mentioned in the first post there is a second phase that is almost as large.


Is Trinity growing admissions as well?  I feel like I read that somewhere, but if that is the case its likely not that much growth.  I think these projects are attempts to gain better control of its off campus housing.  all of the buildings they own in the area can be put to different use and students can be concentrated into these dorms.


The second phase having a small retail component is great.  I bet it fronts New Britain Ave filling in the surface lot on the corner of Crescent and New Britain Ave. 

This will certainly be good for the area.  in the end concentrating this many kids and putting in the retail should help this piece of NB Ave.


This will better connect the campus to NB Ave and to the ice rink. 

Id love to see the school make some considerations for the facilities building and that portion of NB Ave as well.  this in an unfriendly face towards the community and NB Ave is a major commercial street that could be strengthened here if Trinity better interacted with the city (as they say they plan to)

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