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Stolen Picture?


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I was looking at the cover of the creative loafing for this week the other day and the cover has a couple pictures of a man on it that is holding an event/rally in Charlotte. The picture on the bottom left of the cover had the Charlotte skyline in the background with the man in the forefront. The problem is that the skyline has 210 trade and the condo tower on top of the Mint next to the Duke Energy Center. Obviously these two skyscrapers were never built. I remember years ago some of our members created pictures with those two buildings added to our skyline and I am wondering if this picture was not just lifted off of this website and put into this man's advertisement that Creative Loafing happened to use when talking about him. I know that pictures have been lifted off of this site and used in advertisements before. It is not good that someone profits off of another person's images. I do not blame Creative Loafing for this, this is probably just wahtever picture was sent to them when promoting the guy they are talking about in an article. I just thought that I would give you guys a heads up.

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you can see the cover here: http://clclt.com/cha...ent?oid=2885594

the inside page credits that photo to "Nation of Islam"

yea....I am quite sure that the Nation of Islam did provide the photo to Creative Loafing, so that would be accurate, BUT the Nation of Islam did not create the background in that photo. Such a damn shame I tell ya. Someone who can make all this money preaching in stadiums and yet they have to have shoddy graphic design work done.

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