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Anybody have any good projects going on in and around Rochester?


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I have seen a few loft developments, horribly overpriced considering the rest of Rochester's market. I understand its downtown is ailing what with the freeways designed as they are and the economy not in its healthiest form. Still, Rochester offers some pretty nice amenities and a good-looking core with lots of potential. Has anyone seen or heard of any projects, public or private, aimed at taking advantage of this? A nice loft overlooking the falls on the Genessee would be fantastic!

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nothing for Rochester, but I go to Syracuse for work quite a bit and they have several projects under development at the moment. I'll try and pay better attention next time im up that way. But I know they have a hotel going up on a once vacant parcel near the armory. good spot for a hotel. and it will help breath more life into downtown.

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My wife and I are looking at Rochester as a place to move to, hopefully the Roc will move to breathe some life back into downtown. We are even looking into living in one of the said overpriced lofts for 6 months while we find a house to buy...probably in the 'burbs since RG+E's utility rates are so ridiculously high.

Surprised Syracuse has so much going on, their economy, from what I hear, is even more precarious than the Roc's.

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