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World's largest ferris wheel coming to Staten Island...


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It appears that there will be a new record in a couple of years for the world's largest ferris wheel. At 625 feet I'm not sure that I could ride it without some reservation, but the views should be spectacular! 1,440 people can ride at any given time. It will be built on Staten Island opposite of Manhattan.





Press Release

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Its almost amazing how people forget that Staten Island is also part of New York City. I myself have never really been there, but I have visited the other four boroughs on multiple occassions. This ferris wheel will definitely give me a reason to finally go to Staten Island. The views from there I will capture with my camera and I will put some here.

Can't wait!

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interesting. I kind of worry that there is not enough of a reason to ride it over on Staten Island. I mean, people visiting NYC don't plan time to leave manhattan. period. The closest tourists get is Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty. If you want a view of the skyline you will get it from the green lady, not this ferris wheel. also, the reason that the London Eye works is because of its location. I mean its on the Thames nearly across from Parliment. and next to an aquarium. This would work alng the East River, but Staten Island is mentally a long ways from Mahattan and the typical tourist flow.

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